Tecnove Fiberglass reinforces its commitment to sustainability with a new disruptive product that neutralizes pollution in cities

28 Jan, 2022 | Noticias, Nuevos Productos

Tecnove Fiberglass, continuing with its commitment to lead the mobility sector through bodywork and solutions for transport and distribution, is pleased to announce a new agreement as distributor and applicator approved exclusively in Spain and Portugal for the range of solutions PURETI for the purification of the environment, with proven benefits in:


          • Purification of indoor and outdoor air.
          • Sterilization.
          • Self-cleaning.
          • Deodorization.

Tecnove Fiberglass, leader in the manufacture of bodies for perishable transport and cargo body kits in general, understands that this alliance with Nanoiar Solutions will generate, once again, lasting competitive advantages and will mean a continuation in the reinforcement of one of the two pillars that inspire our business model: digital transformation and sustainability.

The agreement is summed up in one goal: “United for Sustainability and the future of Mobility”.

And because we have always believed that our clients should not only acquire a functional asset for their daily work, with Pureti as a coating for their bodies, they can generate added value for their clients, differentiating themselves from competitors and enabling new businesses while it helps retain your existing customers.

The product and contamination

It is a product that generates value for the customer, neutralizing the pollution that is generated in cities due to traffic and industry, and helps improve the health of people who live in these toxic environments loaded with NOx, SOx, VOCs, through an oxidation process activated by solar energy.

The process is known as photocatalysis, and it works by transforming oxygen and humidity in the air into free radicals of O2- and OH-, which attack the polluting NOx, transforming them into harmless Nitrates.

As a simple equivalence to understand, we could indicate that each square meter treated with our solution would be equivalent to the purification of air generated by a tree.

There are many applications, in addition to this anti-pollution process, since it has anti-bacterial, anti-odor, hydrophilic, self-cleaning and anti-mold advantages, making it important to study its benefits tailored to the request and needs of each client.


Differentiation over other photocatalytic treatments

          • Its transparency makes the body maintain the color that the client’s corporate image requires.
          • It is a product based on nanotechnology.
          • Its durability is far superior to other existing treatments.
          • Adheres to any surface, through a suitable technical application.
          • An efficiency 25 times higher than other similar treatments of previous technologies is obtained.


To better understand the contamination that our clients would neutralize when using this coating, we will give some approximate data below:

On one hand, each square meter treated with this coating eliminates 0.29 kg of NOx. On the other hand, a utility vehicle that travels about 16,000 km per year generates 0.5 kg on average.

This means that every two square meters of treatment neutralizes the pollution generated by a utility vehicle.


As a client of Tecnove Fiberglass told us, which is dedicated to the distribution of food at directed temperature and has refrigerated vehicles of approximately 4 meters in length:

“We transport food in a traceable way, with quality and without breaking the cold chain thanks to your first-class bodies, but now, in addition to contributing to quality food and, ultimately, generating health in consumers, we will contribute to raising the air quality in our cities and prevent deaths and illnesses in the citizens who live in them; It is really wonderful and it could not be another company that advances in this regard.

Thank you for investing in quality, service and innovation and not only focusing on price. My most sincere congratulations to the Tecnove Fiberglass team. For things like this it is worth continuing to work with you”.