Tecnove Fiberglass. Authorized repairor of temperature recorders for transport, storage, distribution and control of products at approved temperature

16 Sep, 2021 | Certifications

At Tecnove Fiberglass, we are continuously working for our clients, improving our products and services every day. We are very pleased to inform that we currently have the certification to maintain and repair the temperature recorders and thermometers, for the transport of products at controlled temperature.


This certification authorizes us to carry out any pertinent intervention on thermographs or probes, such as installation, repair, replacement, and sealing of devices. As well as, proceed with the renewal of the necessary documents for the biannual review of our clients’ equipment. We remind you that using thermographs without certification or seal, would not pass the verification in any control entity.


At Tecnove Fiberglass, we are committed to a Quality cold chain for the transport of perishable goods, carried out with Transparency and with complete Traceability. For this, we have designed and approved a telematic bodywork solution, the first in Europe, that integrates an IoT device called TMB inside, through which customers can obtain real-time data, reports and alarms, both at the APP level on the smartphone of the unit’s driver, as well as at the digital platform level on any computer, via internet, of its fleet managers, logistics managers, quality and safety directors or any department or manager who needs it.


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