Tecnove Fiberglass lands in the portuguese market thanks to ZFROST

18 Mar, 2022 | Noticias

Tecnove Fiberglass, continuing with its commitment to lead the mobility sector, through bodybuilding and solutions for transport and distribution, is pleased to announce a new marketing agreement for the Portugal area.

During the month of February, an exclusive distribution agreement was signed with the firm ZFrost, directed by Marco Lopes, a second-generation family business with more than 40 years developing its services in the field of commercial and industrial vehicles, as well as in the auxiliary industrial automotive industry in Portugal.

ZFrost is located in the city of Leiria, a strategic location to address the main markets and halfway between Porto and Lisbon.

In addition, they have reinforced their commercial commitment with the incorporation of a professional from the sector who knows very well the different players in the Portuguese market (customers, bodybuilders and vehicle dealers).

There is still a long way to go, but there will be no lack of enthusiasm, effort and quality products for a market that deserves the best, both in terms of solutions and in terms of service.

Welcome to our dealer network, ZFrost. Much success.

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